ICEV Friday Night Out Youth Halaqa is to get Muslim children involved in fun group projects and learn basics of their Deen in the Masjid environment



Fridays 6:45 pm to 8:10 pm

Upcoming Events:

Spring registration starts Jan. 7, 2022

Spring semester classes starts Jan. 14, 2022



Registration for Fall 2021 is closed.

Registration for Spring 2022 will open Jan. 7, 2022.

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Seats will be filled first come first server basis.



(text only) 480-442-4181

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Youth Halaqa Matters!

ICEV Friday Night Out (FNO), a nominally priced quality youth halaqa program to bring youth to stay connected with the masjid on a weekly basis.

Our wish is to see the Muslim Ummah working and functioning together side by side, and one way to accomplish this is to bring up our youth with healthy Islamic values.

Our cultural diversity is our strength. Our youth should be comfortable in an Islamic environment and starting early, In Shaa’ Allah, will bring them together.

By providing a healthy option for fun discussions, games, and social interactions, Muslim youth would be aligned to avoid gangs, violence, and any other activities prohibited in Islam so prevalent in society. If we can get our youth involved in the community in an interesting & fun setting, they will, In Shaa’ Allah, enjoy their way to becoming better Muslims.

Our community feels thankful to Allah (SWT) to have the Friday Night Out Youth Halaqa as a program where everyone is committed to provide valued Islamic discussions, lessons & activities for our youth.