Your contribution makes a difference

Your contribution will change our community.

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Chandler AZ ICEV general fund. We are grateful for your contribution. If you have any questions about contributing financially to ICEV or have anyquestions, contact us.

The Islamic Center of the East Valley is an approved charity of the PayPal Give Fund. Paypal offers two different ways in which you can donate to the ICEV Masjid. If you are a PayPal member, you can perform either of the following actions:

Donate via our PayPal Giving Fund page

Donate using the PayPal app. Simply tap the “Donate” button on the home screen, and search for “Islamic Center of the East Valley, Inc.

All donations given via the PayPal Giving Fund are 100% received by the ICEV Masjid. You will not be charged a fee for any transaction.  After giving your donation and once your transaction is complete, PayPal should send you a confirmation email. This email replaces an acknowledgment from ICEV and is required in order for the contribution(s) to be tax-deductible. It should be retained for tax purposes.

Mail a check

If you’d prefer to make a donation via check or use online bill pay, we are happy to oblige! Simply mail a check to the following address:

Zelle App

  • Enroll in the Zelle app using your email or mobile number.
  • Log in to your online banking site, or mobile banking app.
  • Add ‘Islamic Center Of The East Valley’ to your contact list with the email
  • Open Zelle, select ‘Send’, then search for
  • Enter the amount you want to donate (maximum amount depends on your bank.
  • You may specify your contribution option (Masjid Donation/ Zakat-al-Mal/ Sadaqa/ Zakat-al-Fitr) in the message field.
  • Review and confirm the amount you are sending.
  • Your donation will be received in minutes, fully secure, and at no cost to you or the Masjid.

Click to learn more: Zelle App

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